If you live in a place where the weather or insect population makes your patio unusable most of the year, consider converting it into an enclosed, more private space.

Many patio enclosures in Oldsmar, FL can be constructed relatively quickly and easily by completing a few simple tasks before starting construction.

If you are ready to get more use out of your patio, follow this guide on how to build a patio enclosure!

About Your Needs:

Before planning the dimensional and design aspects of your new patio enclosure, it is essential to clear the space. Think about what it is that you want from the new construction? For example, would you like a sitting area with sufficient lighting for dining? Or a place for reading books and relaxing in the shade?

The Space:

Remove all objects from the surface and surrounding area of your patio. This is so that you can take accurate measurements and complete construction free from obstacles and debris.

Your Tools:

Be sure that you have all of the necessary equipment required to construct a structurally sound patio enclosure. Typical tools required for this type of project include:

·    Circular Saw

·    Pocket Knife

·    Level

·    Tape Measure

·    Hammer

Your Construction

Once you have prepared the space, organized your tools, and acquired your building materials its time to start construction by:

·    Creating Support Frames

·    Attaching Wall Or Screen Materials

·    Add A Roof

·    Installing Windows & Doors

·    Adding A Floor

After construction is completed, add some decoration to maximum comfort, such as:

·    Chairs

·    Tables

·    Technology Upgrades

·    Fireplaces

·    Plants

patio enclosures in Oldsmar, FL

·    Art

·    Scented Candles

·    Area Rugs

If you don’t have the tools or experience needed to build an enclosed patio that meets local zoning laws, then consider hiring a professional contractor to complete the project.